May I tour the school?

Absolutely! Give us a call/email. (855-225-7779) info@ilashbeautyuniversity.com

Do you offer other courses?

Yes! Take a look at our program page, click the interested course and there you will see details of that course or workshop. 

I don’t have my cosmetology license currently, nor experience and I'd like to become a lash artist legally in Texas.

You’ll need an Eyelash Extension Specialty License.  A person holding a eyelash extension specialty license, may perform applying semi-permanent threadlike extensions composed of single fibers to a person eyelashes.

No experience is needed. No cosmetology or esthetician license required. Upon the completion of the program and exam passed you will hold a eyelash specialty license.

I already have my cosmetology license should I take the 320 Hour Lash training course?

No need! Your esthetician or cosmetology license will cover eyelash extensions. However, ILBU offers a in depth 3 day certification class to extend your knowledge of sanitation, isolation and separation and the overall eyelash Extension Application. Includes Latest Trends.

Do I need a diploma or GED to enroll?

You must be 17 years of age or older and have a GED or Diploma to enroll in ILBU the Eyelash Extensions Program and the Instructor Certification Course.  

When is the next class?

At this time we have open enrollment for all programs. Fill out a Contact us form for more information.

How much is the courses?

Email us info@ilashbeautyuniversity.com and let us know which program your interested in.

What if I enroll, and must be absent for an extended period of time or have already planned vacation does it affect me?

No problem, you may take those days off, you will be required to submit a leave of absence form. Please let Instructor know ahead of time. However, you are responsible to catch up on any missed assignments and hours by coming in earlier or staying later. You must complete your hours by your contractual end date to avoid any hourly fees for License Programs.

What if I have a criminal background. Am I automatically disqualified?

Not necessarily. TDLR considers each offense case by case. You must complete a TDLR Criminal History Form. ILBU can email you the required documentation you will need to submit to TDLR.

Are any of your courses available in Spanish?

Not at this time. We will keep you updated!

I started a program and want to transfer over to ILBU, I started another lash school and dropped out what should I do?

We welcome you! But, first make sure that school the school has cleared or drop you from their program before enrolling in ILBU. *You may not be enrolled in more than 1 school at a time.

I work a full-Time job. Will your program work with my work schedule.

Yes we will!

What is a student permit?

Once enrolled in ILBU you will receive a  a Student Permit, (if applying or the 320 hour eyelash speciality license,) this will allow you to take live models and clients for tips. Upon successfully passing required examinations for licensed courses, you will be licensed to do eyelash extensions and you may set your own prices.

Is this a Licensing Course?

Currently, we offer the 320 hour Lash Extension License Training Program.

*****Our Lash Program Approved with TDLR*****

A. Esthetician Training Program (Coming Soon)

Can I offer eyelash extension services if I only have a certificate?

No, you must have a license to apply eyelash extensions. When a person performs lash services without a license they may be fined.

What happens when a person is found practicing without a license for the first time? * Rules and Laws Subject to change with TDLR

Misdemeanor: A fine no more than $500 and/or jail up to 90 days

What happens if a person is caught a second time without a license?

Misdemeanor; A fine no more than $1000 and jail up to a year or both.

How many hours are required to complete the Lash program?

320 hours for the Eyelash Extensions Specialty Program

*Please Contact us for other program training, as these programs do not require you to do 320 hours they are 1-2 day workshops.

What are the school operating hours?

We are open 

Tuesday and Friday from 10:00am till 4:00pm  and again 5pm-9pm

Saturdays from 8:00 to 3:00 PM

Closed on Sunday and Monday.

 *Full/ Partime Schedule Available

Do I need a Social Security to enroll in a Licensed Program?(This does not apply to workshops that does not require a license?)

No, you have two options.

Your INT or Tax ID can replace your Social Security number.If you do not have a SS, INT, or tax ID we must physically mail your student permit application to TDLR. You must provide a $25 cashier's check or money order payable to TDLR this process can take a couple of weeks. 

What are the mandatory topics in the lash course?

Learn and Apply
Orientation, Rules and Laws (10 Hours),First Aid and Adverse Reactions (15 Hours), Sanitation and Contagious Diseases (20 Hours), Safety and Client Protection (10 Hours), Eyelash growth cycles and Selection (20 Hours) Chemistry of products (5 Hours)
Supplies, Materials and Related Equipment(10 Hours), Eyelash Extension Application (190 Hours), Eyelash extension Isolation and Separation (75Hours),Eye shapes (15 Hours)
Professional Image/Salon Management(10 Hours), Field Trips (15 Hours)

Bonus*Includes Kit-*Hybrid|Volume Mini Course-*Marketing Tips-*Lash Tips & Tricks 101

I have more Questions how can I reach ILash Beauty University?

Email: info@ilashbeautyuniversity.com

Office: (855-225-7779)