Lash lift & Tint

Unleash your artistic flair as you practice the delicate art of lifting lashes to new heights and adding depth and definition through expert tinting. Embrace the precision of the craft, learning how to customize the treatment for each client, accentuating their natural beauty.

Brow Lamination

Join us in this exciting exploration of brow aesthetics, where precision meets creativity, and empower yourself to redefine beauty—one perfectly laminated brow at a time. Elevate your expertise, captivate your clients, and leave a lasting impression in the world of beauty with our Brow Lamination Course.

Yoni Practitioner

Welcome to the Yoni Practitioner Certification Program, an in-depth and transformative course designed for individuals seeking to become certified Yoni practitioners. This program combines ancient wisdom, modern understanding, and practical skills to empower participants in the art and science of Yoni healing and wellness.

Business coaching

Recognizing the uniqueness of every entrepreneur, our coaching services are tailored to suit your individual needs. Through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and strategic planning, we create an environment that nurtures your growth and facilitates tangible, measurable results.

Lash mentorship

Embark on a unique experience designed to elevate your lash game under the expert guidance of our seasoned mentors. Whether you're a budding lash artist or seeking to refine your technique, our mentorship program caters to all skill levels. Our mentors are not just instructors; they are industry mavens with years of hands-on experience, ready to share their insights and trade secrets with you.